Hunt Research Group

The Hunt Research Group is a theoretical and computational chemistry group which carries out theoretical development and computational modeling.

Our research is focused towards understanding the chemistry and physics associated with solvents and solvation, particularly as this applies to ionic-liquids and aqueous solutions.

We study the making and breaking of molecules. This includes catalytic mechanisms (for group II and frustriated lewis acid-base pairs) and chemical decomposition (bio-fuels and ionic-liquids).

Overarching all of these areas is a specialisation in hydrogen-bonding, acid-base interactions and an expertise in the MO theory of bonding. We have developed the Effective MO Method for interrogating the electronic structure of liquids.

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Sept 2018

Molecular orbital of the month "Carbon capture" is about extracting CO2 molecules, one way to do this is with a molten salt membrane. A molten salt is a normal solid salt (like "table salt") heated to a very high temperature (700 degrees celsius!) so that it melts. This MO is from one of the species thought to form when molten LiCO3 comes into contact with gaseous CO2. The Li atom is represented by the black ball, oxygen the red balls and carbon the grey balls.

Sept 2018

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Conference Season

Sophie, Becky and Masahiro recently attended the 7th EuCheMS Chemistry Congress in Liverpool, UK.


Masahiro and Tricia and Masahiro's poster all appear in the new IMSE recruiting video. Come join us!

Tricia recently gave an invited lecture at the ILs Gordon Research Conference in Maine, USA.

Presenting Research
Highlighting our prize winning team!

Oxana Andriuc (MSci) won the Best Presentation Prize in Applications of Inorganic Chemistry section at our MSci Symposium, June 2018. Oxana also won the Governor's Prize for the top ranked MSci student in the year.

Sanha Lee (MSci) came 2nd for his presentation in the same section of the MSci Symposium. So our group took the top two spots this year!

Sophie (PhD) was joint winner of the Best Poster Prize at this years annual TYC Student Day, Feb 2018

Masahiro Takenaga (IMSE MRes) won the Best Talk prize in the IMSE MRes symposium, July 2018