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How To Apply

Who can apply?

Students with a 1st class or upper 2nd class honors degree (2:1 or better) or a good masters in a relevant physical science, this can include physics, materials, engineering and chemistry etc.

What is Imperial like?

The Imperial Postgraduate Prospectus is online! It has a section on what life is like at imperial. Here you will also find information on what you would have to do to apply to Imperial, what your costs are likely to be, and general information.
You can also browse through the imperial web-site.

What is the process?

So you are interested ... what happens next?
There are two hurdles a) meeting the college entrance critera and b) once through the college selection, being selected for the PhD from amoung the candidates
  1. You apply to enter Imperial College as a Graduate student
  2. At the same time you contact me, Dr P. Hunt: In your e-mail confirm that you have applied to the college, include a CV (no more than 2 A4 sides) and your academic record (details of what you should include in your CV are given below).
  3. I will contact you if you make it through the college selection process
  4. You will then be compared to the other candidates, this may involve an interview
  5. Wait to hear if you are conditionally offered the award
  6. You accept both your place and the award
  7. Start your research on the agreed starting date

What should I send Dr Hunt?

  1. Your academic record is essential your academic record is a list of the classes you have taken and the grades obtained, it is a formal university document and so should be on university headed paper (a scaned document is fine)
  2. A statement no more than 1/2 page presenting why you want to study the topic advertised and describing the skills that you bring to this particular PhD
  3. Your CV, which should be no more than two A4 sides it should contain the following:
    1. personal details such as your address, phone-number, date of birth, nationality (and if non-UK how long you have been resident in the UK, and your status.)
    2. a summary of your university academic profile, ie what degree you have done, what areas you took non-core or elective papers in, your last years grades, and (if you have it) your degree class
    3. if you have completed any research projects or a MSc describe your project and the results obtained, give the references for any papers you have published
    4. any prizes or awards you have
    5. when your current course finishes, when you would be avaliable to start and when you would like to start
    6. key skills you have that will be useful, ie unix or linux use, programing experience, use of computational chemistry packages, experience of using a Mac, etc
    7. do you hold any positions of responsibility in voluntary organisations? Have you any key achievements (academic, sporting or otherwise)?
    8. a short summary of summer jobs or activities since you left school, in each case briefly describe your job and any key areas of responsibility
    9. a few lines on your non-academic activities