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INtegrated Chemical Analysis: Novel Ionic Liquid Electrochemical Sensors

The aim of this project is to develop an electrochemical sensor made of a flexible ionic liquid-composite which will allow the in-situ solubilisation and analysis of deposited organic compounds.

We will employ a synergistic experimental and computational approach to gain insight, at a fundamental level, of how functionalised ILs act. The project will explore how functionalised ILs interact with other molecules; as solutes, co-solvents, or additives within an electrochemical system. Computational characterisation of ILs will provide insight into how different functional components behave, subsequently the knowledge gained will be employed to design novel ILs, with the aim of augmenting the solubilisation of deposited materials. Novel ILs exhibiting the most desirable properties will be synthesised, combed with composite materials, and their electrochemical function explored and optimised.

Functional electrochemical platform design will be undertaken, in collaboration with Prof. Joseph Wang (UCSD -, which may involve a research stay is his research group.

The fundamental understanding obtained will be applicable in every field where ILs are replacing conventional solvents and electrolytes, e.g. pharmacology and biology, batteries and supercapacitors, fuel cells and biofuels, electrochemical sensors and analytics.

Funding Notes:

Applicants should have an upper 2nd or 1st degree in Chemistry, and some knowledge of one of ionic liquid synthesis, electrochemistry and/or computational modelling is desirable, with a willingness to train in the other area: synthesis or computational modelling as required.

European/UK/Commonwealth students only

Fully funded 36 month PhD project in collaboration with the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl).

Start date: Between 1st July 2018 and 1st October 2018

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Post doctoral and Doctoral researchers with their own funding are encouraged to apply for a position within the research group

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Undergraduate Opportunites

  • UK students Students who wish to "have a go" or want to find out more about theoretical or computational chemistry are welcome to apply for a summer placement. There is a minimium duration of 8 weeks and a maximium duration of 12 weeks. Students having just completed their 3rd year of study are preferred although students having just finished their 2nd year will also be considered.
  • If you need to apply for funding it is best to enquire early in Janurary so that applications can be made to funding bodies. The department has a policy that all applicants must apply to the department first, which will support a limited number of applications for the RSC bursary, before allowing candidates to be considered for other bursaries. Information on the RSC and Nuffield Foundation bursary applications
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  • World students unfortunately we have no funding for non-EU nationals, please only apply if you have or can secure your own funding. If you contact me it is essential to detail your arrangements for financial support during your stay in London. Those applications which fail to do this will not be considered.